We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I had an exceptional experience with Open Skies Imaging. They truly exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond the call of duty. Their flexibility and willingness to capture every subtle shift in lighting, even racing from one part of the property to another, showcased their dedication to delivering the best results. Their attention to detail and comprehensive approach were truly remarkable, leaving me thoroughly impressed. Open Skies Imaging provided a level of service that far surpassed what I had anticipated.

Brittney Stuard, Rainbow Ranch Lodge

We had serious roof and chimney issues, and the tiles were icy. OSI eliminated the potential danger with a Winter outdoor inspection and saved us a lot of money. I wanted to reach out and express our gratitude for your before and after aerial photos and video. They helped to show grantees what we needed Grants for and demonstrated a good use of funds. The imaging was crystal clear and was very helpful to our mason. It also brought issues to our attention on our tile roof peaks. Thank you for your services.

Chaz Riewaldt, Facilities Manager Yellowstone Art Museum

I wanted to extend my gratitude for the ease with which you conducted our residential roof inspection. The utilization of your team’s drone inspection technology revealed a significant issue, affording us the opportunity to rectify it before winter made it truly problematic. Your reasonable pricing, combined with the professionalism, courtesy, and thoroughness exhibited by your team- wow! Truly refreshing and so appreciated!

Alexis Nolan, Airbnb Owner

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