Whether you’re a large company or an Airbnb, Open Skies Imaging can elevate your business branding. Aerial videography and photography tells a story, adds depth, and presents your operation in a new dimension. Drone imaging captures unique perspectives in a safe and cost-effective process. Let our postproduction team deliver custom professional videos that make any marketing strategy stand out.

Real Estate

Drones are commonly used in a variety of real estate listings to include residential homes, resorts, land, ranches, rental homes, and apartments. Let us create a unique cinematic package to promote your property or establishment and increase traffic for listings by 100% or more. We offer stunning 360 panoramas, brilliant stills, and interior fly throughs. OSI can transform ordinary room photos into interactive 360 virtual tours. Let us create a cost-effective custom pack today.


Drone use in inspections for real estate, insurance claims, commercial buildings, construction sites and infrastructure like towers, power lines, and bridges has grown dramatically in the last few years. Our services provide highly accurate, faster, less expensive, and safer inspections than with conventual manual processes.

  • External inspections for real estate increase turn-around time, are more accurate, safer, and cost-effective.
  • When natural events damage many homes and commercial buildings, drones provide a streamlined and cost saving process to estimate repair costs. This shortens the claims process for owners and saves money for insurance companies.
  • Traditional construction and infrastructure inspections are time consuming and costly and increase safety risks.
  • Drone-based inspections are especially useful in the Winter months.

Special Events

Festivals, weddings, corporate events, and sporting events like motocross, skiing or mountain biking are greatly enhanced with amazing aerial perspectives.

  • Take your weddings beyond the ordinary and incorporate aerial imaging to add new dimension of creativity and gorgeous cinematic footage. Drones are an exciting complement to traditional ground-based photography and videography.
  • Add a nice video with aerial imaging to enhance any corporate retreat or event.
  • Never miss a turn. Our drones can follow the action or lock on to a subject through varied terrain, while sensors mitigate collision risks.
  • Drones are far less expensive than helicopters.


I had an exceptional experience with Open Skies Imaging. They truly exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond the call of duty. Their flexibility and willingness to capture every subtle shift in lighting, even racing from one part of the property to another, showcased their dedication to delivering the best results. Their attention to detail and comprehensive approach were truly remarkable, leaving me thoroughly impressed. Open Skies Imaging provided a level of service that far surpassed what I had anticipated.

Brittney Stuard, Rainbow Ranch Lodge

We had serious roof and chimney issues, and the tiles were icy. OSI eliminated the potential danger with a Winter outdoor inspection and saved us a lot of money. I wanted to reach out and express our gratitude for your before and after aerial photos and video. They helped to show grantees what we needed Grants for and demonstrated a good use of funds. The imaging was crystal clear and was very helpful to our mason. It also brought issues to our attention on our tile roof peaks. Thank you for your services.

Chaz Riewaldt, Facilities Manager Yellowstone Art Museum

I wanted to extend my gratitude for the ease with which you conducted our residential roof inspection. The utilization of your team’s drone inspection technology revealed a significant issue, affording us the opportunity to rectify it before winter made it truly problematic. Your reasonable pricing, combined with the professionalism, courtesy, and thoroughness exhibited by your team- wow! Truly refreshing and so appreciated!

Alexis Nolan, Airbnb Owner

Your team at OSI did an outstanding job filming our house. The end results were amazing.

Craig Deaton, Homeowner

Your coverage of the church picnic was fun and brought an exciting element to the event. Plus, we were able to share the moments with the rest of the congregation.

Tino Riojas

Operating Area

We currently operate in the Belgrade/Bozeman area. Businesses outside of a 20 mile radius may require travel expenses. Please contact for more details.

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